Beatles map follow-ups

So many good things generated on social media from our last post, entirely focused on The Beatles map, which makes me think that folks didn’t actually read the full post? But I digress. Among the conversational highlights:

  • I accidentally had two arrows pointing to Led Zeppelin. Thank you for spotting this Ian!
  • Some additions to “Influenced by The Beatles”: Harry Nillson, Twisted Sister, Jefferson Airplane.
  • A reader rightly pointed out that pretty much everything was influenced by The Beatles in some form or another. I agree, and should have explicitly acknowledged in the last post that mapping The Beatles is an impossible exercise. It’s probably also the least interesting! The goal of the site is to map the unseen, the underrepresented, and to provide pathways of discovery to new art and artists based on what you know you love. The Beatles was a starting point because it was a low friction effort, as they are so big and so well-documented.
  • Listen to this brief, delightful and relevant Paul McCartney interview clip!
  • This fantastic video that visualizes the best selling artists over the last several decades.
  • Until we have an algorithm, we need people. And if we have people, we need an easier way for people to contribute. Coming soon!

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