A wildly-irresponsible experiment

We probably shouldn’t be doing this.

All the feedback about The Beatles chart, what’s good and what’s missing, makes us think there must be a better way to capture the wisdom of the crowd than in fb comment threads. We could do this with a wiki, but the data would not be structured enough. We could do this with a database, but we’re too early to commit to a data design yet. SO, that leaves us with…a publicly-editable google doc:

The Beatles influence data

I can probably think of a dozen really good reasons to not publish a google doc for public editing on a social media platform, but I’m also not sure of how else to completely remove contribution friction without a little bit of risk. And, hey, what nefarious thing has ever happened on a social media platform, AMIRITE?

The doc currently has all influences from The Beatles influence chart, with wherever I could find a direct quote or other reputable source. Every connection should have context. But don’t sweat it. Contribute whatever you’ve got now and we can add to it later:

Add your ideas, ideally with a reference, to this spreadsheet, and let’s see what happens, shall we?

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