We’re Going to Miss You, Dave

We’ve been dark for a while here at Influenced.It, but David Letterman’s final show has jolted us back to the light. We couldn’t let this moment pass without a nod to the brilliance and trail-blazing that Dave Letterman brought to the past 19,932 guests and more than 6,000 episodes. Thank you so much for helping to shapeContinue reading “We’re Going to Miss You, Dave”

Turns out, I owe Bobby Wilson a debt of gratitude…

This is a post about the influence of a father, but not my own. This father belongs to Andrew, Owen, and Luke Wilson of Dallas, Texas. While I am a fan of his offspring and their collaborators (more about that in a future post), today’s focus is his career as the first CEO of KERA andContinue reading “Turns out, I owe Bobby Wilson a debt of gratitude…”

Rage drummer Brad Wilk on influence

“I think it’s really important, and it’s a lesson I didn’t learn until my late teens: Whatever bands that you love, go find out what bands they love, and what bands turned them on, and then you really start getting into the human aspect of it because the further back you go in time theContinue reading “Rage drummer Brad Wilk on influence”

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

The recent kerfuffle between Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye’s estate raises an interesting issue for this project. It reminds us that the role of influence, and particularly the degree of influence that one work has on another, can be serious business. The licensing of a Song of The Summer like Blurred Lines can net theContinue reading “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”