Turns out, I owe Bobby Wilson a debt of gratitude…

This is a post about the influence of a father, but not my own. This father belongs to Andrew, Owen, and Luke Wilson of Dallas, Texas. While I am a fan of his offspring and their collaborators (more about that in a future post), today’s focus is his career as the first CEO of KERA andContinue reading “Turns out, I owe Bobby Wilson a debt of gratitude…”

Dennis Farina: 1944-2013

Our hearts go out to Dennis Farina’s family today.  He’s a cultural icon, having walked this fine line between perfectly-plausible gangster and perfectly-plausible cop for so many years.  We didn’t know that much about him until the outpouring of retrospectives today, and Vulture’s take was most striking, from the influenced.it perspective.   Matt Zoller SeitzContinue reading “Dennis Farina: 1944-2013”