Ed. Note, 10.26.20: We debated heavily whether to merge Film and TV hub pages, particularly in these COVID-addled times where everything is only showing up on our home-anchored or hand-held screens. But for the purposes of mapping what has come before us to inform what is now, we think it will be clearer and more useful to keep the mediums separate, as they evolved so separately. As long as they have existed, they have influenced one another, which we will explore as we unpack various works. We expect the Film page to evolve over time, but, for now, it will serve the following purposes: 1.) A film-by-film influence analysis. At first this will be slow and bespoke, as we learn how to make it fast and algorithmic; 2.) A history of the evolution of films genres over the history of the medium; and 3.) commentary and interviews from creators, critics, scholars, and fans.

Film Analysis

What influenced Raiders of the Lost Ark?

A breakout of the seminal 1982 film starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. We started here because of the rich repository of primary sources, and because it is awesome.


Here are some things we’re working on or would like you to be working on. If you want to contribute anything in any capacity, email us!

  • Influence maps for our favorite movies
  • Interviews with screenwriters, journalists, and scholars
  • Genre analysis over time
  • An ongoing hunt for hidden influences that extend across time and mediums. Secrets.
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