Like all the hub pages, we expect the Music page to evolve over time, but for now it will serve the following purposes: 1.) An ever-expanding map of music genres across time and geographies; 2.) Deep-dive influence maps for specific artists, albums and songs; and 3.) commentary and interviews from creators, critics, scholars, and fans. See something missing? Tell us at!

Genre Mapping

Reboot Reboot

One fateful night at a whiteboard, and here we are. This post gives the tick-tock of how it came together.

Follow up stories:
A Bigger Whiteboard
The Great Depression Gap

Band Mapping

What influenced The Beatles?

Arguably the most influential band of all time. Where else would we start?

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What influenced Bruce Springsteen?

Arguably the greatest American rock band of all-time. Bruce spilled the beans at SXSW a few years ago, and the transcript served as an autobiographical influence map for the ages.


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  • Influence maps for our favorite musicians
  • Interviews with creators, scholars and critics
  • Genre analysis over time
  • An ongoing hunt for hidden influences that extend across time and mediums. Secrets.